Where Technology meets Sport Fishing

basszillaAnyPuddle.com is a Canadian sport fishing company with a flair for technology and marketing based in Barrie, Ontario established in 2015 by Cliff Van Kempen.

We publish a weekly podcast called One More Cast with guests from the fishing industry where we discuss everything that is sport fishing. You can listen to the podcast here: OneMoreCastShow.com or subscribe/download from iTunes.

BassFishingNinja.com is Cliff Van Kempen’s personal brand where you can find all of the other projects he is working on. In the works we have a web series fishing show to be published on YouTube. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel and subscribe so that you know when we release new shows.

At AnyPuddle.com we focus on community, education, promoting recreational and professional sport fishing, and most importantly responsible use of natural resources. We are currently working on developing a series of courses design to train anglers to be high performing pro-staff members and to develop sponsorships. It is our goal to work with aspiring anglers and teach them the right way to promote themselves and the brands they endorse. It is our goal to have all fishing brands recognize our students as professionals who are well trained and give them special consideration when they apply to their pro-staff programs.